The Beautiful Parts Of Traveling Full-Time

In our previous blog post, we talked about the different ways we travel efficiently and the companies we prefer to use. While those things may be helpful, I also want to share the fun things we get to do and amazing places we get to see while on the job. When we started traveling, we made a goal/bucket list to film a wedding in all 50 states. We've been in business for 2 years now, and have filmed in 27 states so far, including Hawaii! We have a few new states that we'll be able to check off our list next year which we're excited for.

My favorite part about visiting a new state is meeting all different kinds of people, and seeing how other people do life. Now I know it's not like visiting a new country, but in some ways it's a microscopic version of that. Even our home state of Utah, city to city, you'll find that people are just different, which is so fun to me. Meeting new people makes life interesting, gives you new perspectives, and helps you keep and open mind.

One thing about me, is that I love small businesses and people who work for themselves or use their hobbies to bring happiness to others. Whenever we travel for weddings and have extra time (and energy) to see the city, we'll do it! I love finding farmers markets or old historical towns with little shops where people sell their crafts. I don't necessarily need to buy anything to enjoy myself, I just love meeting new people who are just as passionate about their talents as we are.

We also love doing touristy things as well, as sort of a bucket list thing to do. We've seen the The Gateway Arch, The Chicago Bean, Golden Gate Bridge, Space Needle, Pearl Harbor, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas Strip, Statue of Liberty, Arches National Park, and many other iconic landmarks! We have a tradition of collecting magnets from each state/country we visit and I love when we get to put a new one on the board.

Traveling for work can get tiresome, but overall its so rewarding and adds to our quality of life and happiness. We always talk about how memories are really the only thing that you'll be able to keep forever, and so we take the opportunity to make them whenever possible!

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