How We Travel Efficiently

For those that don't know, we travel pretty much full time to film weddings all over the country. Utah is the place we call home, but most of our business brings us out of state - which we love!! Our portfolio is full of weddings with all different types of scenery, traditions, and cultures. Being open to traveling has also helped us gain more experience in how to do it efficiently and cost-effective.

We were a little lost in the beginning when we started traveling, because we didn't know the best ways to pack equipment, or the quickest ways to get to the final destination without hiccups. Traveling constantly can seem daunting or exhausting, but we've found ways to make it easier on ourselves. We experimented with all different airlines, rental car companies, hotels, and it actually helped us figure out which ones we preferred and how their different processes made it easier on us.

We started booking with the cheapest companies because that's the way we did everything; we didn't care much about quality of service these companies provided, as long as we got there. Overtime, we got exhausted of the multiple flight connections, the long rental car lines, and the dirty hotels in sketchy areas. It sounds like common sense, but we discovered that sticking with the companies you like, can benefit you and give you rewards for future travel....and since we travel literally every weekend, this is super important to us!

Our Preferred Companies & Why:

Airlines: Delta & Southwest

Delta Airlines has always been a reliable airline for us, as far as on time departures and timely arrivals. We fly out of Salt Lake City International Airport, and Delta is the preferred airline there, so it's also a quick walk to your gate. Their seating seems to be the most comfortable as well, along with the TV screen & complimentary headphones to make the trip go by faster. We've received so many points and rewards from frequent flying with them.

Southwest Airlines has also been a great airline for quick trips nearby. We will always talk about how much we love their boarding process more than anyone else's. There is no assigned seating, so you are given a boarding position and seating is a on a first-come, first-serve basis. Most people choose the window seat first, which helps others just file in accordingly, rather than having to get in and out of the rows and slowing down the process. They also allow 2 free checked bags for all passengers, which has come in handy multiple times when we've had longer trips!

Rental Car Companies: Avis

Avis has a free program called Avis Preferred. Once we joined that program, we decided to only book our rental cars with them. The main reason being that there is no human contact to get your car, which means no long lines or wasted time. Once your flight lands, you are able to choose the car that you'd like in the app, and the keys will be waiting inside the vehicle for you. They even have a QR code on their app that opens the exit gates for you so that you can be on your way without needing to show paperwork and ID. This has saved our time and even our patience countless times. After a flight, the last thing I want to do is wait in a rental car line, so I will forever recommend Avis to anyone who flies frequently!

When Avis doesn't have any cars available (rare occasion), we've chosen Alamo because of their short lines and quick service!

Hotels: Marriott

We've definitely been the people who choose to stay at a Motel 6 or some no name hotel in the middle of nowhere, in order to save dollar. And we still don't judge anyone who chooses to do so - save money where you can! However, when you travel weekly to new states, having a reliable place to stay is very comforting. We always know what to expect when staying at a Marriott hotel, and its always a pleasant experience. The newer hotels have their keys on the app and sometimes you're able to check in on it as well. We've been able to walk in and go straight to our room multiple times, which is so nice when you're exhausted.

All in all, as much as we love human interaction, we love it even more when we can do everything we need to from our cellphones, and get from point A to B as smooth as possible! The cheapest isn't always the best option to go with in the long run, because their prices usually show you the type of service you'll be getting. The same mindset is important when booking your vendors; it's important to choose quality over price when you have the means to!

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